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The Dr. Seaker Chan Center for Comparative Political Development Studies (hereafter, the Chan Center) at Fudan University was established in 2012 thanks to a generous donation by Mr. Anson Chan, Chairman of Bonds Group of companies, in memory of his father, the late Dr. Seaker Chan who was a former professor of Political Science at Fudan University.

The mission of the Chan Center is to contribute to public welfare by fostering democracy, rule of law, good governance, and social progress by addressing challenging issues in contemporary comparative politics, especially major national and regional changes and reforms in the era of globalization so that useful lessons can be drawn from these experiences.

Drawing from university-wide academic resources at Fudan University, the Chan Center seeks to host political scientists with global visions from all over the world and support studies on interdisciplinary and emerging topics in comparative politics. The Center aims to build bilateral and multilateral collaboration with external research institutes, think tanks, governmental organizations, and media. The Center invites prominent scholars from around the world to visit Fudan University to conduct research, deliver lectures, attend seminars and conferences, and disseminate academic reports. Research products from the Chan Center are made available to researchers, students, and the general public.

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